venom week VIII

July 18-21, 2022, Scottsdale, AZ

Venom Week symposiums are international, scientific conferences held every 2-3 years attended by leading experts on venomous animals, their venoms, and management of envenomations.  These medical and scientific symposiums offer a mix of original research presentations and didactics, including topics on venom pathophysiology, comparative & translational research, venomous animal biology, venomics, and drug discovery from venom toxins.   The 2022 symposium is focused on fostering multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary research collaborations among physicians, veterinarians, research scientists, and others interested in all things venomous.

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Abstract deadline: February 1, 2022
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Venom Week Venue Info

Venue: Scheduled for Skysong Center, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We will keep this site updated should there by any location changes.  We encourage early registration as the symposium may have limited capacity due to COVID.  In the event an unexpected cancellation due to COVID, reimbursement for symposium registration fees will be honored. 

COVID: The 2022 symposium is scheduled as an in-person event and will follow CDC, State and/or local meeting guidelines.  We anticipate proof of vaccination for all attendees including any other requirements which may be in effect.

Continuing Medical Education

Venom Week

Symposiums integrate a bench to bedside approach by combining topics in basic venom research, drug discovery from venom toxins, through the clinical management of envenomations.  Our speakers consist of leading experts in venom research, translational sciences and clinical medicine.  CME objectives are to educate on:
1. clinical abnormalities occurring as a result of envenomation.
2. the diversity of venom and venom toxins from snakes, arachnids, insects and marine life.
3. therapeutic applications of specific venom toxins as drugs.
4. envenomation treatment, including antivenoms, drugs, biologics, and supportive care.
5. pathophysiological effects of venoms produced by invertebrate and vertebrate animals

Toxinology Related Resources

The North American Society of Toxinology (NAST),  a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2012, is a North America-based, international, multidisciplinary organization focused on advancing the science of of all things venomous.  NAST also helps to organize the symposiums, which rotate in location. NAST members include medical clinicians, veterinarians, basic scientists, pharmacists, zoo and collection managers, animal scientists, herpetologists,  and others with expertise in venomous animals, venoms and their toxins.   NAST members receive symposium registration discounts.

Board of Directors
President: Elda Sanchez, PhD
Treasurer/Membership: Steven Seifert, MD
Secretary: Howard McKinney Jr., PharmD, DABAT
Immediate Past President: Carl-Wilhelm Vogel, MD, PhD
Documentarian: Howard McKinney Jr., PharmD, DABAT

Alfred Aleguas, PharmD

James O. Armitage, MD
Sean Bush, MD
Gordon Henley
Brian Hew, PhD
Stephen R. Johnson, PhD

Matt Lewin, MD

Bry Loyst
Stephen Mackessy, PhD
Michael Schaer, DVM
F. Mazda Shirazi, MD, PhD
Kristin Wiley, MS