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Venom Week IX is being planned for summer 2024 in Durham, NC


This site contains information on Venom Week 2022, which hosted over 175 attendees from USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, and France.

2022 Organizers

Craig gives a big thanks to the organizing co-chairs’ efforts in planning and coordinating Venom Week VIII.  You made it a fun and great event!


Craig Woods DVM, MS, MBA
Arizona State University


Sean Bush MD



Alternative Text

Michael Schaer DVM, DACVECC
University of Florida



William Hayes PhD, MS
Loma Linda University


Feb. 27, 1950 – May 18, 2022

Dr. Steven A. Seifert established Venom Week symposiums, was the inaugural Board President of the North American Society of Toxinology (NAST), recognized as a leading authority in envenomation and toxinology, and recipient of the 2022 ACMT Ellenhorn Career Achievement Award.  Dr. Seifert was a true gentleman who will always be remembered as a friend, colleague, mentor and by how many lives he touched.

2022 stats; 40+ presenters
(% mix)
  • MDs
  • PhD/PharmD
  • DVM
  • Other

Venom Weeks are international, scientific symposiums attended by leading experts on venomous animals, their venoms, and management of envenomations. These medical and scientific symposiums offer a mix of original research presentations and didactics, including topics on venom pathophysiology, comparative & translational research, venomous animal biology, venomics, and drug discovery from venom toxins.

Venom Week VIII Agenda
Venom Week

Special Thanks to our International Guests

Australia’s Venom Team

Bryan Fry PhD
The University of Queensland
Ray Norton PhD
Monash University
Glenn King PhD
The University of Queensland
Claire Sharp BVMS, MS
Murdoch University
Fernanda Cardoso PhD
The University of Queensland

Europe’s Venom Team

Not Pictured:
Julien Slagboom MSc Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Jean-Philippe Chippaux MD, PhD; Institut de Recherche pour le Développement

Juan Calvete PhDInstituto de Biomedicina de Valencia
Juan Calvete PhD
Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia

Jeroen Kool PhD
VRIJE Universiteit Amsterdam

Matyas Bittenbinder MSc
VRIJE Universiteit Amsterdam

Jonas Jurgensen MSc
VenomAid Diagnostics

Christoffer Sorensen
Technical University of Denmark

USA & South America

Charles Gerardo MD
Duke University
Michelle Ruha MD
University of Arizona
Nicklaus Brandehoff MD
Asclepius Snakebite Foundation
Spencer Greene MD, MS
University of Houston
Matthew Lewin MD, PhD
Dan Keyler PharmD
University of Minnesota
Jerry Harrison
Tech Investor, Producer & Member of Talking Heads
Emelyn Salazar PhD
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Matthew Cordes PhD
University of Arizona
Jeff Ettling PhD
Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens
Jacob Galan PhD
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Karin Allenspach
Iowa State University
Zachary Travis MPH
Loma Linda University
Gena Broussard DVM
Consultant - MT Venom LLC
Jacob Glanville PhD

Not Pictured:
Jacqueline Sachett – Amazonas State University
Gena Broussard DVM
Marshall Werner PhD – Grand Valley State University

University of Arizona
Anne Wertheimer PhD
Mazda Shirazi MD, PhD
Sarah Carotenuto DVM

Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Montamas Suntravat PhD
Elda Sanchez PhD
Fabiola Oyervides

Duke University
Samuel Francis MD
Joao Vissoci PhD
Eleanor Strand
Anna Tupetz PT, DPT, MScGH

Sponsors and Exhibitors

venom week

Expert Panel Discussions 

venom week toxins

interactive panel sessions will focus on state-of-the-art in toxinology

Turning Toxins into Treatments
Venom toxin diversity is a basis for new drugs.  This session will focus on the state of the art methods to identify and develop venom toxins for therapeutic purposes
July 18th, 2022

Therapeutics & Diagnostics
A review of what’s new, what’s needed, & what’s next for diagnosis & treatment of snakebite and identifying new product development opportunities for industry.
July 19th, 2022

North American Society of Toxinology (NAST)

The North American Society of Toxinology (NAST),  a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2012, is a North America-based, international, multidisciplinary organization focused on advancing the science of of all things venomous.  NAST also helps to organize the symposiums, which rotate in location. NAST members include medical clinicians, veterinarians, basic scientists, pharmacists, zoo and collection managers, animal scientists, herpetologists, and others with expertise in venomous animals, venoms and their toxins.   NAST members receive symposium registration discounts.

Toxicon, the official journal of the North American Society of Toxinology.
Venom Week VIII abstracts will be published in Toxicon if eligible

Venom Week supporting journal