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Spend a Few Extra Days

Although summertime can be a little warm in the Valley of the Sun, there are plenty of ways to stay cool.  Consider staying at one of the local resorts in Scottsdale or Phoenix, or cooling off in the high country where there is plenty of hiking and outdoor activities.

National Parks: Grand Canyon,  Petrified Forest,  Saguaro
Great Destinations-
(est. drive times from Scottsdale)
Sedona (~1.5hrs), Flagstaff (~-2hrs), Prescott (~1.5hrs)
Payson (~1.5hrs), Grand Canyon (~4-5hrs)

Places to See

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Grand Canyon

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Arizona’s Venomous Critters

Arachnids: Tarantulas, Black Widows, Brown spiders, and dozens of species of scorpions including the bark scorpion.

Insects: Africanized bees, velvet ants, tarantula hawk wasps, paper wasps, and the giant desert centipede.

Snakes: Approximately 13 species of rattlesnakes (including the Mojave and Western Diamondback) and the Arizona Coral Snake.


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