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Information on Venom Research

This page contains information about toxinology and venom research. We have not intentionally left out any particular organization, resource, video, etc. and welcome any suggestions for adding or contributing to this page by sending email with any requested additions to

Venom research is leading to a variety of new discoveries in pharmacology, drug development, and the treatment of envenomations from snakes, arachnids, insects, and other venomous animals.  Toxinology is a specialized area of science that deals specifically with animal (zootoxins), plant and microbial toxins.   Zootoxins are toxins of animal origin and can consist of venoms and poisons.  Venoms require injection via a delivery apparatus (fang, stinger) such as those found with snakes, arachnids and insects.   Some animals produce poisons which can be absorbed if ingested or from topical exposure (mucous membranes, etc.).  Poison dart frogs are an example of a poisonous animal.  This page contains a variety of videos and links related to toxinology and the science of zootoxins.

Interesting Videos on Venomous Animals and Toxins

Below are a collection of publicly available videos related to venom and venom toxins, generally categorized into therapeutic use of venom, venom biodiversity, and antivenoms and treatment of envenomations.   Venom Week VIII (2022) will have a range of topics similar to those in the videos, with the general symposium theme of forming collaborative translational research across multiple disciplines and institutions.

Medical Use of Venom Toxins

Venom biodiversity provides a chemical portfolio to turn these toxins into new drugs or biological therapies

Institute for Molecular Bioscience, Jun 15, 2015. Prof Glenn King explains where spider venom comes from. YouTube:
Hashem Al-Ghaili, May 28, 2019. Medical Benefits of Snake Venom. YouTube:
Venom Toxins & Biodiversity

Venoms from snakes, arachnids, insects, and marine life have a diverse composition of toxins (neurotoxins, cytotoxins, hemotoxins, etc.)

Monster Bug Wars - Official Channel, Feb 24, 2016. Evolution of Venom Documentary | MONSTER BUG WARS. YouTube:
The University of Arizona, Nov 5, 2009. When the Scorpion Stings. YouTube:
Antivenoms & Treatment Research

Videos on antivenoms (antivenins) and research related to possible new treatments. Some of these videos may contain information on early stage products or technologies

DTUdk, Sep 9, 2019. Andreas Laustsen, European Research Council Starting Grant-recipient 2019. YouTube:
CGTN Europe , Dec 12, 2019. Universal Antivenom: RAZOR. YouTube: