Venom Week Abstracts

Venom Week abstracts are presented in either oral and poster format.
Oral presentations will be a single track sessions (morning, noon, afternoon).   Each session will consist of 3-4 speakers and certain sessions may close with a 15 minute speaker panel Q&A.

Publication: Venom Week abstracts are published Toxicon.


Abstract Sections
Retro/Prospective Study: Background, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Key Words
Case Report/Series: Background, Case Report or Series, Discussion, Conclusions, Key Words

Venom week abstract iconAbstract Format Example

Oral Format

Selected Speakers: 15 minutes (includes Q&A)
Invited Speakers: 30 minutes (includes Q&A)
Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint 16×9 format or pdf.
Presenters should upload 24 hrs in advance at symposium, have back-up on thumb-drive or external HD, and test to make sure presentation is compatible with Microsoft.

Poster Format

Display size:
4′ 10″ tall and 5′ 10″ wide; poster size should fit within these parameters.
Recommended Fonts & Sizes:
Times New Roman or Arial
Title = 36-40; subtitles = 18-20; paragraph =14-16

All abstracts should be submitted as a Microsoft® Word file.

Abstracts can also be submitted via email to

venom week proposals

Abstract Submission Form and Uploader

Corresponding Author

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